Here are some videos that we recommend. The brief introductions offer some highlights and background information.


1. Please watch this 4-minute video from the Electric Infrastructure Security Council summit. You’ll hear 12 more people with serious credentials talk about various threats on the grid. The first minute is a long introduction and can be skipped by those in a hurry.



2. Congressman Trent Franks makes a sobering presentation about the EMP threat. It’s 11 minutes and worth it, but if you’re in a hurry, just watch the first five minutes, to 5:00.



3.  Dr. Peter Pry talks for 3 and a half minutes on the EMP threat to the grid. In the rest of the video he talks about unreported news events or under-reported events that, taken together, indicate that an attack on the grid is a real possibility. We recommend viewing to 3:15 at least. At one point near the start, he shows a photo of a solar flare in progress. He points to a tiny circle nearby that represents the Earth. Please note that the relative sizes are correct, but that the Earth is much further away!

Incidentally, Dr. Pry has spent at least 17 years on the EMP threat, pushing for greater preparedness and shielding. His book, Apocalypse Unknown, is a supreme resource about the problem and solutions.



4. To get an emotional sense of what a grid collapse would mean, you can watch brief portions of the National Geographic movie American Blackout 2013.  It has six interwoven story lines. It’s 88 minutes, but we think it might be too disturbing for some people. You can get a good taste of it by watching the following three segments, totaling seven minutes: Minutes 10 to 13, minutes 20 to 22, and minutes 1:15-1:17. In the movie the power comes on after 10 days, so this doesn’t come close to describing a blackout of weeks or months.




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